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P2P banking stability, income of no risk, high

  P2P finance (guaranteed finance) introduced
guarantee financing refers to the personal loan capital to pass guarantee strict examinations, auditing, real estate, car or other assets as the arrival of (mass) bet, and the actual value of pledged assets far outweigh the strong borrowing the repayment ability of the borrower. Security company as an intermediary, the borrower of funds used and recycled to monitor the whole process and at the same time provide the joint and several guarantee. Enable customers to obtain a way of financial security and stability, higher returns. Asset preservation and replenishment.
P2P finance (guaranteed finance) advantage
high yield: finance and investment, annual rate of return is 12%-18%.
flexible: only 50,000 yuan can Transact financial business to guarantee company, and period of 3-12 months flexible choice.
: the security company responsible for qualification for borrowers and risk control, responsible for all financial management procedures.
stable: monthly interest fixed interest income, not subject to the influence of other factors.
Security: home equity, justice, full collateral guarantees and credit supervision after multiple measures to ensure the safety of customers funds.
P2P finance (guaranteed finance) features
1. high and stable returns
compared with other forms of investment, guarantee financial returns significant advantages of high and stable returns. After signing the contract, implementation of agreed monthly income.
finance and investment potential risks guaranteed investment products within a period of 1 year, and short-term investments. There is risk in any investment, security products focuses on the risks of security companies. If companies lack of experience, lack of effective risk control measures, ignoring rational market demand and affordability, the investors of risks are immeasurable.
guarantee financing generally beginning 50,000 yuan, unlike stocks or buy funds from a low base, claims cannot be transferred during the investment period, unlike the stock ready to buy and sell, not as bullish on the stock or fund earned a double or bear markets have fallen heavily.
formal guarantee company is strictly in accordance with national laws and regulations guarantee financing business. Company to do the mediation formal guarantees, guarantees and credit management of the Trinity, and the most important security functions, guarantee means that if the borrower cannot repay on time, a security company to pay to ensure no loss of principal and interest of the investors.
as such, funding personnel enjoy a stable, risk-free and sustainable benefit guarantees. On a formal security companies, security is a responsibility, is the concrete embodiment of risk management capabilities. For investors who, for reasons of safety of principal, income security considerations when selecting a secured financing, be sure to select the size and strength, the operation of the guarantee company.
banking customers need to do three simple things
first, through guarantee companies understand the borrower's situation.
II, signed a notarized promissory note and loan contract.
third, in his capacity as the mortgagee in person or delegates to the Housing Authority for mortgage.
in addition, everything to guarantee companies, you only need to query on the 20th day of the month your account information of interest.

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