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Only dare to break seven or eight banking cards

  is now investing with such difficult market conditions, the Bank only under chess, recent financial products available for sale at the increasingly hot, add approximately 1 time compared with previous years. Why
Bank financial products yields falling recently, reduced influence and money loose. According to data, the overall rate of financial products over the past year at 4.91%, while in April this year, financial products overall return rate of 4.48%, and May benefit the overall rate of 4.43%, I believe we all see this data.
banks significantly increased the number of capital-protected products, financial products while yields fell. Banks such as Bank of China, ICBC realized capital preservation products have more than 80%, rather than floating income capital preservation product almost no over night. ICBC-related parties, bank financing products for sale are more than 30 species, mostly very low risk capital preservation class financial products, some still have a guarantee of a minimum benefit.
according to statistics, up to now, the May number of capital-protected products at nearly 80% per cent of the total number of financial products in April and capital-protected products accounted for approximately 60%, and last May, bank capital-protected products than only 40%.
"now wants to buy earnings higher floating income products really are not easy. "Banks buying financial products of Yap said that last year, everywhere in the Bank trust such secondary markets or investment in higher-yielding financial products, although the risk is higher, and Bo high yields, but at least you can try. Now, banks are mostly bonds of such products, although no risks, but the benefits and savings than not much advantage, people don't care.
also have favored investors capital preservation products. Wu said that he had bought the loss-making financial products, so more sensitive to risk. After all, the Bank sold financial products should be robust in the first place, "proceeds of financial products have been reduced by now, if you don't control the risk, it was more difficult to attract investors. ”

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