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Low risk, high yield, income, low threshold of financial management

  pTop is person to person lending an innovative short-term high-yield financial products, is a low risk investment of short duration and high return, easy, fast, flexible and innovative financial products. Points out that money to lend idle funds guaranteed by the company with the repayment ability of the borrower, a new way to manage money.
/> financial advantage security mortgage: borrower be housing through the Housing Authority mortgage to an investor's name.
notarization: investors, borrowers and Whitney company signed loan guarantee contract goes through a notary, the notary has to enforce.
warranty: the company for both lenders and borrowers to provide security, the use and interest repayment of the borrowed funds are monitored.
compensation: If a borrower cannot repay the principal and interest, the company unconditional reimbursement in the 3rd, its mortgage assets handled by the company.
investor interest be charged on a monthly basis, due to the principal. It operates in full compliance with the security law, the civil law, property law, company law and other legal provisions.

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