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Long-term products marketable financial products may not be good in the short term long term

  effects governed by the CBRC continued, bank financial products within the last period of 1 months circulation plummeted. In this regard, some investors feel pity, but there are also many investors realize that in the current market environment, while the Central Bank cut interest rates less, but almost does not exist the possibility of higher interest rates and, therefore, if liquidity requirements is not high, investors for investment products with longer maturities.
short-term financing products and less
near the end of the CBRC regulation on bank financial products more and more severe, not only within 7 days of short-term financial products was halted, the recent period of 1 month of financial products has also received verbal intervention. According to meeting information and statistics, issued by commercial banks within 7 days in the last two weeks very short term financial products has almost disappeared, except banks with open loop sale products. Within 1 month period compared to the number of financial products is also significantly reduced in the early, short term products for sale by 28 to 33 days products. Many regretted the higher liquidity requirements of investors, because funds after 1 month will have other uses, if you want to improve the efficiency of fund use within 1 month will be hard to find the right products.
monetary easing long-term products popular
However, if liquidity requirements is not high, financial planner suggested investors to buy longer maturities of financial products. Partly expected annualised yields of long-term financial products will definitely exceed the short-term products, on the other hand is from the viewpoint of the current market environment, the Central Bank will not raise interest rates, even the possibility of rate cuts next year, when new financial products will drive down the expected rate of return. Financial products for a long time in advance to lock in gains.
analysts said, according to the Bank of China monetary policy report for the third quarter is forecast for the future Central Bank will rely mainly on the number of policy instruments for market regulation is expected in December cut the reserve requirement ratio increases the possibilities of, the central economic work Conference will be a critical time window, and before and after the interest rate cuts may be in the middle of 2012.
most of the institutions agree on the Central Bank's next monetary policy gradually relaxed point of view. HSBC's latest PMI (advance version) in November, rapid cooling. HSBC Chief China Economist Qu Hongbin (Twitter) thought that the economic slowdown create conditions for monetary easing in inflation, growth and inflationary pressures in the coming months while continuing rapid decline, further easing on monetary policies will greatly increase the possibility of attractive

long-term product yields the current financial products Summit expected to yield can be said to be staged. Mainly because of the almost most strapped for funds market, Bank in order to attract funds, have been offering much higher expected rate of return of the product. From the fiscal survey information on statistics from recent banks issued more than 1 year of financial products for a long time, no less.
Hui information according to incomplete statistics, banks issued since the last week of term in 1 year or 1 year of RMB financial products a total of 42. In addition to the 5 foreign banks issue structured finance products, the rest are steady income financial products issued by banks, investment is around 1, expected revenue at an annual rate of 6% products up to 16 or more. Including expected return is higher, the threshold is not high. As Hangzhou Bank "happiness 99" 1196th period personal financial plans (paid Hi plans & happiness surplus Home exclusive) term 353 days, investment Yu lending, and currency market, and bonds,, risk relative lower, investment threshold only 50,000 yuan, expected years of returns rate up 6.2%; make line "enrichment treasure • Ward added Lee" Yuan financial products term 366 days, investment threshold for 100,000 yuan, expected years of returns rate also up 6.2%; Bank in the silver wisdom rich financial plans (BOCZF-201104C ) 368-day investment threshold is 100,000 yuan, expected annualized yield of 6%. However, the expected higher product yields even higher threshold, such as China Merchants Bank diamond wealth Chi 1th priority series RMB financial planning products (103020), the threshold is 1 million, expected revenue at an annual rate of 6.3%.

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