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  Dan loan investment of professional advantage:
six years industry experience: Dan loan investment accumulated has six years of industry experience, can better forecast and control various risk;
professional talent: Dan loan investment has financial, and real estate, and legal three class professional talent;
latest information: Dan loan investment timely master international frontier information and domestic civil borrowing, and pawn line, and small loan company, and trust, and real estate fund latest information.
take the core competitiveness of investment loans:
legal business, steady work, the pursuit of efficiency, continuous learning, good attitude, but not profits.
with the development of reform is not deep and rapid development of the national economy, finance and investment has become an important means to increase household property income of the masses, Dan loan investments according to encourage the participation of private capital investment and financing of small and medium enterprises policy and regulations, set up a legal and regulated investment management platform, developed a safe, stable, higher-yielding financial products, safe, stable, high income.
real estate finance and investment yields (Chengdu market)
different levels of risk:
VIP, level AAA, AA-level mortgage 15%--20%;A-mortgage interest rate annual interest rate 20%--24%;
wholesale funding conditions:
100 million Yuan more than the annual interest rate 18%-24% .
our company has a strong team of professional financial, our wealth management professionals are confident control, depending on your financial situation and needs, and can help you plan the most suitable lending programmes, loans and investment programmes.
real estate finance and investment, there are three major risks:
, real estate prices fell in half, insolvent;
II, fire or caused damage to housing construction, insolvency;
III, the courts of failing to enforce, money could not be recovered in the short term.
on risk control, we will make the following five measures, to reduce your investment risk to zero:
, careful credit-investigation of identity industry, loan purpose, management capacity.
II, scientific assessment-assessment real estate liquidity, and assessing the legal risks of courts to enforce.
control-50%, mortgage, avoid the risk of falling real estate prices.
four, lawyer supervision-before the credit, contract documents, operating procedures approved by its lawyers, after the credits, and enforcement was represented by counsel in court proceedings, when the borrower cannot pay back principal and interest, forced sale of mortgaged real property through the courts.
v, housing-court imposes on borrowers move out housing, mortgage on two homes, a place, selling another set of debts; on a home mortgage, change place, smaller, far-for-close-for-large, post the debt.
our mission is to help the customer make the best capital solution while helping employers to find the best matching quality customers. We use professional knowledge, skills and experiences of financing to help you audit your customer using legal procedures to protect the security, Trade Center mortgage registration registration to his right, notarization of loan, guarantee the interests and security of borrowers.
borrowers for real property (real estate) direct registration of mortgage lender's name, lenders of money directly to the borrower. Borrower debt service directly to the lender. (Companies cannot directly issue loans, companies and through bank loans. )
lender need to have both of the following conditions:
over 1 million: individuals or companies with more than 1 million legal cash lying around, outsiders or foreigners or lenders.
qualified investors: lenders must be able to identify, determine and bear the risk of investors, lenders demand more than 1 million total household assets. (Chengdu customer total assets of 5 million families, or those earning more than 200,000). Lending
term between 1 month and 1 year.
natural persons provide documents required: identity cards, household registration open, strangers, foreigners are also available.
enterprise must provide: business license copy of ID card of the legal representative of the company articles of Association, specify resolution of the power of Attorney, legal representative, shareholders, financial statements of the previous year.
/> go through the five steps recommended to lenders had been completed, Dan loan investment risk rating of the borrower.
ER, signing of contracts and other legal instruments. (Aliens must apply for another loan contract notarized).
III, the Chengdu City real estate trading center for real estate mortgage registration, legalization, transfer of funds at the Bank. Certificates of
four or seven days to receive a mortgage.
v, after debt, mortgage cancellation of registration.

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