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Financial products no longer beauty rates

  there is less than a week's time, dual test of the banks will usher in the end of the season. Is, unlike in previous years, interest rate liberalization catalyzed by banking the old range Rover storage tool not to force, banks hold reserve gift wars, glass peanut butter egg stage, high end depositors can even to tour abroad.
send eggs abroad tour
June the Bank performance evaluation of the node, which a loan may not exceed 75% of the red line, LAN storage become a report card is pretty key. In addition to the deposit interest rate floating to the top, but every bank branches bend over backwards to attract depositors.
"as long as money sent to your glass. "Beijing Bank branch network to introduce preferential policies for their staff," or give you a number to keep it today. "
reporter learned that, like this" deposit gift "there are banks, what to send, is each branch outlets to decide, from eggs to peanut oil, gift variety. A State-owned banks who reluctantly told reporters, Bank has just made a three-day event next door, watched as some savers moved their deposits.
in fact, banks compete for large customers and high-end household is fierce. The State-owned bank said a week before the Festival began, in the maintenance of customer relationships every day, has been working until now. For higher-end customers, some banks are big, China Everbright Bank launched the high-end travel rewards programs, added more than 5 million customers can win a Deluxe tour packages in China, added more than 10 million customers, Deluxe package can win abroad.
finance get fed lost its luster
expected returns are generally not over 5%
and grasp the weapon storage-the former bank financial products this year gradually darkens. According to the statistics from the Wind Advisory, due last week financial products with an average yield to maturity was 4.65%, down 0.03% from the previous week on week. Bank currently sells financial products expected rate of return has been low. Journalist learned on the banks website, selling financial products expected to yield generally does not exceed 5%, and non-capital-protected products. Capital protected most of these products are expected to yield no more than 4%. Over the same period last year, the expected rate of return financial products have been as high as 6%.

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