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  bank financial products revenue declined more since last month, and because of falling May reserve liquidity caused on the loose. SHIBOR in financial markets recently in low income, in this case paper assets fell sharply, which is the notes posted straight interest rate.
"5% currently have yields of more than RMB financial product. "This is when purchasing financial products, she recently was told that banking product earnings.
"my general financial product bought a half a year, I found out the rules in these two years, money in the Bank at the end of season review will yield up financial products, but now the market has changed, financial products not to force. Late last year, when more than 5% of financial products can be found everywhere, was now nowhere to be found. "She told the financial newspaper lamented.
such as Lin, filled with expected banking product yields rise, investors are not uncommon. Market participants pointed out that, on the one hand with the loan demand falling bank financial products "get saved" feature is weakening, is bringing financial product yields of interest rate marketization impact, on the other hand do not change the easing of liquidity is expected, bond, money market and investment rates of return will slip, bank financial products comparable to the market in the second half of winter.
revenue accelerated decline
when reporters visited bank branches, popular 2011 ultra short-term high-yield financial products has been shrinking dramatically, instead of 1 month to 3 months, from 3 months to 6 months of financial products.
in addition, although the current bank balance is tight, but bank financial products yields were unexpectedly fell, most of the banks are expected to yield financial products is in between 4.3%-4.8%, only part of financial products to invest in higher-yielding currencies such as the Australian dollar, expected to yield more than 5%.
silver network data rates, the term financial product is different from the average yield decline.
Puyi wealth according to the latest statistics, from June 23 to June 29 a week, 26 commercial banks issued a total of 155 Yuan bonds and money-market financial products, in addition to investment in more than 1 year of product's average yields of more than 5%, to 5.6%, the remaining investment's expected rate of return financial products are under 5%. Investment duration 1 months, 1 month to 3 months, 3 to 6 months and 6 months to 1 year of financial products, whose average yield, 4.33%, 3.8% and 4.72%, respectively.
June 7 0.25% people's Bank of China cut its benchmark deposit and lending interest rates, the beginning due to the expansion of deposit and loan interest rate band, was hailed as a crucial step toward market-oriented interest rate in the market.
reporter found that banking products earnings also appear, from May 26 to June 1, a week after financial product yields significantly higher than a few weeks, investment duration 1 months, 1 month to 3 months, 3 to 6 months and 6 months to 1 year of financial products, whose average yield, 4.41%, 3.95% and 4.63%, respectively.
rate cut fading
"many factors that affect yields on financial products, in our country's interest rate policy, CPI as the benchmark deposit and lending interest rates one of the important factors, 2011 CPI data are leading indicators of banking products, but this year the situation is different. ' Following the CPI trend ' pricing models relatively effective in a negative interest rate, but rebound in CPI and fell in the early stages the effectiveness decreased significantly. "The Chinese Academy of social sciences research base of the Lujiazui financial center director Wang Zengwu said in an interview with the financial newspaper," CPI weakens the process, monetary policy continues to strengthen, pricing of banking products as a whole will deposit rates as the benchmark. "
due to the limit of bank deposit interest rate floating range for the benchmark interest rate of 1.1 times, many banks are one-year deposit interest rate not only didn't reduce rather than improve some, then looking at the interest rate factors alone, bank financial products expected to yield should not fall too much.
However, Pu Yi yun Jiao researchers thought that wealth, banks six months check point near the end of June, by financing continues to be an effective way to pull deposits, so the banks recently, in benefit design of products are more cautious, cut short changes of financial products yield impact has not been fully revealed, after policy effect is expected in early July.
market participants pointed out that short-term easing of liquidity is tightening and financial product yields are closely related.
Yun Jiao pointed out that since June, bank financial products revenue declined more and more mobility due to May deposit reserve rate easing. Recently, the SHIBOR in financial markets continued to run low, notes return on assets fell sharply, especially the notes posted straight interest rate, currently 5% per cent discount rate for over a year has fallen to 60% around 13% peak, bond and money market tools returns on assets supporting financial products with higher returns, so the product appear more substantial reduction in earnings.
the current market in between late July and again in August, the Bank cut the reserve requirement ratio expected strong, loose liquidity situation is hard to change, bonds and money market instruments, the return on assets will also be lower. Pricing differences
pricing is the key to bank balance benefit-cost financial products. Spreads narrowed, RRR decline expected a strong second half of pricing of banking products face more severe challenges.
Wang Zengwu international financial newspaper said: "banking product field of interest rate marketization, advancing the impact of interest rate liberalization and banking product increased volatility. To be sure, with the advancing market-oriented interest rate, banks are pricing more differentiation, bank financial products yield difference will widen in the future. "
Pu Yi yun Jiao wealth researchers thought that, under the influence of interest rate market open, significantly reduced spreads will be forced commercial banks within their business model, revenue model on the reform and restructuring, increase investment in intermediate business, including finance business bear the brunt. Facing the current investment market is generally not very high returns on investment, commercial banks in the financial business model, product design, and so on, according to its own situation, find the right market positioning, differentiation of financial markets will begin to appear.

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