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  "three principles" refers to the security, mobility, efficiency, which is the fundamental principle of commercial bank loans. People's Republic of China commercial bank law 4th article: "commercial bank based on principles of safety, liquidity, efficiency, independently operate, at your own risk and profit, self-restraint.   "
1, safety is the primary issue facing commercial banks loans;
2, loan liquidity refers to the ability to follow a prearranged period, or in a State of loss-free quick realisation of the ability to meet the needs of customers to withdraw their deposits at any time;
3, efficiency is the Bank going concern basis. Such as long-term loans, interest rates are higher than short-term loans, benefit would be nice, but long term it will increase the risk, security, liquidity is becoming weaker. Thus, "three character" harmony between loan can not go wrong.
loan/> elements object, type, amount, term and interest rate/rates (prices), security mode, mode of use, liquidation, constraints.

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