Companies large loans

  a, and associate loan conditions
1, and loan lines 2 billion around (104 billion also);
2, and free funds 30%;
3, and project of land transfer returns right do pledge, finishing out of land market reached loan lines of twice times above (provincial project can is loan amount of 70 percent), by local Government of land reserves Center issued proved;
4, and loan lines of 1/ 3 must do collateral (mode: 1 2 real mortgage guarantee company security 3 property rights of land secured 4 guarantees State-owned enterprises);
5, according to the proportion of projects with injection of own funds and bank loans, can also be used as initial investment funds;
5-10 year 6, term of the loan. Construction and repayment periods, according to project conditions negotiated with the banks;
7, loan principal must be the Government's city investment company;
II, projects that meet the criteria can make a preliminary report
1, the reports provided for in the project profile, property, amount of loan principal, in need of a loan. Collateral and mortgage of land property, land prices, and so on.
2, ADB in first instance and then assign someone to assist project preparation for all the files you need. And project representatives met with the Ministry of agricultural development bank head office credit contact.

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