Sharing investment banking risks, what to avoid

  in recent years, with the advantages and benefits of investment guarantees financial performance better and, at the same time and flexibility advantages, widely favored by the middle-aged or elderly people. Investment should be guaranteed financing constraints by means of legal guarantees the company's practices needed to guarantee commitments produced clear benefits, investors made a strong protection, while significantly reducing the risk of financial services. Although this form of financing compared to the value of some financial products are relatively low, but has promised to return, so investors are not worried about investment risks. General financial products how do we maximize the avoidance of risk?
the first to have a certain choice, selection of investment guarantee corporation must be procedures, investment professional can effectively curb the risk, good reputation and credit high, you need to select this kind of investment guarantee Corporation to operate its own financial products. This needs the investment guarantee company has complete, legitimate care procedures; how do we assess whether an investment guarantee company specifications, qualification is powerful? First we have to see whether the company has scientific business hosting process, having a sound management system, the care management system is resisting risk and whether it can protect the safety of customers funds. Also need to change the company has a strict standard of host process, you can exclude any human risk factors, finally, whether the investment guarantee business in good standing, has a perfect compensation of several units, which is the ultimate expression of investor risk aversion. Investors prefer is the most prone to error commitments income guarantee companies don't like the second choice of high risk security company, investors should remember that the level of security is always greater than the yield of principal.
Next we to note of is illegal of fund-raising trap, so-called illegal fund-raising is refers to private or units without related sector approved on to stock, and bonds, form to social public fund-raising, while commitment will in must term within let investors get relative larger of returns, this form to public or half public of form fund-raising, everyone don't only see he by commitment of returns job ignored has risk, because not in legal guarantees of situation Xia, principal of risk is very high of.

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