Civil financial guarantee companies opening up new channels

  in today's environment of recession as well as irregularities in the industry, there are many small financing guarantee business after making a career change or dissolve, Xian bonding companies think is nothing more than an industry development industry uniformity, regularity and discipline of their enterprise and industry's overall credits.
financing sex guarantees company accept local financing sex guarantees institutions regulatory led units (province financial do, and province SMEs Council, and Department of finance,) of regulatory, Industry Association of urged; non-financing sex guarantees accept regulatory sector (construction Office, and financial do, and Judicial Council, and SMEs Council,) of regulatory,
guarantees company think industry association and government organ on guarantees company should established unified of operation information platform, do resources shared mechanism, risk assessment warning mechanism, and enterprise funds flows. To reconcile a regional security companies do stick together, they share honour and disgrace; national security company after linkage, development in the security industry.
to establish credit files of the security industry. Problem records on the area of business, the best can serve as a strong basis of the industry next year for approval, appraisal. Conditional best and the good credit of substance or policy and a high level of corporate rewards.
to correctly distinguish between the financing guarantee companies, non-financial companies, with guarantees of Security Corporation is key.
financing guarantee companies: refers to the guarantor for the principal financing of principal and interest repayment guarantees to beneficiaries, basic was working with banks and other financial institutions financing guarantee business, commit themselves to the future reveals a debt guarantee agencies. Its characteristics are a financing guarantee business permits, business licenses, corporate code certificate, tax registration certificate, and banks and other credit-agency cooperation.
non-financial guarantee companies: there is no certificate for obtaining financing, guarantees, as well as in the joint security, litigation guarantees, construction guarantee for natural and legal persons, such as bodies guarantee the guarantee institution. Feature is not the financing guarantee qualification certificate, organization code certificate, business license, tax registration certificate, and financial guarantee institutions have joint security agreements, construction certificate, have the courts been shortlisted finalists proved effective qualification.
General guarantees company: is name in the with guarantees words, while get has business license, but rarely carried out financing guarantees and litigation guarantees, and engineering guarantees, and joint guarantees, guarantees business of institutions, more of is carried out so-called guarantees financial, and civil borrowing guarantees, institutions, features is registered capital is low, basic is 50 million following, no made financing guarantees license certificate and non-financing sex guarantees qualification grade certificate, and team basically is do civil borrowing or usury, and company decoration very luxury, and Foreign buying nice cars and so on.

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